Community Composting collective


Sept 2019 - ongoing

Commune + Co has branched off into the composting sector! Cirque Du Soil (which translates to ‘Circular Soil’, not the acrobatic circus) is a Community Compost Collective is an inclusive composting program dedicated to traders, businesses and precincts in inner city Melbourne to accelerate the transition towards regenerative living soils and circular economy in Victoria. As placemakers and designers of the built environment, we first acknowledge land and indigenous country as our fundamental source of origin, where we build, play, and eat.

After the global climate strike on 20th Sept, it’s become clear that community action is stepping up as the world slowly awakens to climate emergency. As part of our ‘prevent’ piece addressing this critical issue of restoring carbon and biodiversity back to our land and farms, Cirque Du Soil is now our regenerative sister company, part business, part campaign advocacy. It focuses solely on composting issues in our streets, buildings and city infrastructure, to delivering a hyperlocal community focused urban composting service and product line in inner city Melbourne.

After all, as the great Henry David Thoreau once said: “What is the use of a house if you haven't got a tolerable planet to put it on”?

Check it out here.