Doomsday Prepping for the Socially Convivial



When crisis comes we begin to see that community is the true and irreplaceable infrastructure.

Climate change is the most urgent challenge facing humanity today. By now you might have heard that the UK is the first country to declare climate emergency. On May the 9th, a UN report was released that 1 million species of plants and animals are at risk of extinction - a loss of species at an unprecedented rate due to human intervention, and we are indeed “threatening potential food and water security, human health and the social fabric" of humanity at an alarming rate.

We understand this and it’s time to start taking the matter into our own hands, and developed a place based approach to co-creating community led resilience in communities with both social isolation and climate emergency responsiveness in mind. We have bush fires, floods, and heatwaves, but we want communities to think outside the box in what we can do in our neighbourhoods in any scale of cataclysmic scenarios. Our first collaborative workshop trialed at National Sustainability Week VIC 2019. Following up the success of this, we’re about to run our 2nd iteration with Place Week VIC 2019, a week-long series of activities from 12th-18th May 2019 that support and celebrate the work of those seeking to transform our public spaces into places where communities can come together.

What we do:
- Explore the skills participants bring to their community and hidden talents in the room
- Build our skillshare networks with like-minded post apocalyptic addicts and leverage the power of a collective
- Discover how we can become the foundation of a co-created future where all life thrives
- Enjoy a crash course in Biomimicry and discover the secret wisdom of the world around us.
- Implement that knowledge to discover urban resilience in our neighbourhoods for today and for tomorrow
- Celebrate new beginnings where we are better together than we are apart.

“Either we drastically reduce our carbon footprint to zero waste or prep for doomsday as a collective. Choose one or both but don’t choose none”.

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