Our Pilot Program

As part of our not for profit Grow.Cook.Eat.Play. initiative to find ways to combat loneliness and social isolation in our neighbourhoods. All you need to bring is a dish, big or small, from your culture to share with your neighbours.



deepen relationships

The Neighbourhood Social initiative gave the opportunity to sit together, meet for the first time or deepen relationships, watch our kids play, and taste homemade food from other cultures. 



homemade food

So far, we've made Australian, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Sudanese, Somali, Arabic, Greek, French friends who live in the locale.



collective conversations

In exchange, you get the opportunity to join in the feast with your community, share stories, spark ideas while expanding your sense of home beyond the walls of your house and right out into the streets where you live.

We know this is going to ignite some exciting collective conversations, and think every neighbourhood should have one!

Join one, Host one and Spread the word.