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Place led diagnostics + activation

We analyse all aspects of place and function on sidewalks, street intersections, high streets, urban strips and potential land lots through a cultural, economic and socio-demographic lens. In our spare time, we love canvasing potential sites for opportunistic uses and programmes, particularly in fringe and high growth neighbourhoods.

Our key focus presently is in identifying amenity use, multicultural inclusion, intergenerational mix and spaces for growing, learning (and communing!) where gaps are identified. Utilising design thinking and implementation of strategic use approaches to activate disused spaces for community benefit and positive social outcomes through temporary urban initiatives.

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Community engagement + involvement processes

Not all suburbs are created equal, and we don't always have the opportunity to choose or afford where we want to live. We believe in a proactive approach to community led development. Through our methods of community engagement and design led and local area focused analysis, we seek out and collaborate with various stakeholders and communities to ensure better neighbourhood relationships and amenities.


Site Analysis Masterplan + vision planning

Our Architectural and Property backgrounds offer cross-collaborative capabilities in our collective knowledge of social space, programming and value creation within a Masterplanning framework. We will work with you on achieving long term goals for authentic, sustainable communities.

Our special areas of interest are:

  • Co-housing
  • Retirement
  • Student
  • Commercial
  • Mixed use developments
  • Established main streets and urban renewal

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Research + Development

We have a number of research projects up our sleeve, one of which is understanding how other exploratory methods of engagement & facilitation can inform, strengthen and innovate strategic community engagement, to achieve higher social impact outcomes. Please contact us here if you would like to get involved.